Job Outlines and Employee Specifications

List of job outlines and employee specifications.


Employee Specification

Essential Criteria  Assessment method
Application form Interview
A degree or relevant professional qualification and or demonstrable experience at a comparable level within a related professional field of expertise.    
Experience of working competently and confidently with legal material, including precedents, case law and legislation.  
Worked at a senior level.  Demonstrates a level of knowledge, understanding and ability to support others.  Successfully negotiated change, involving trade unions.
Experience of undertaking transformational change, restructures and reviews keeping with relevant employment legislation requirements.
Demonstrate broad based HR experience in a large multi-functional organisation with an emphasis on employee relations (eg disciplinary, grievance, capability, ill health, harassment, general reviews, ET’s and TUPE discipline, ill-health, harassment etc).  
Ability to draft and advise on HR policies and procedures.  
Builds working relationships with key individuals.  Works collaboratively, facilitating decision making, allowing issues to be shared and agreed solutions reached.  
Delivers information clearly, tailoring messages to a particular audience.  Alters approach to suit the situation; hence good written and oral communication skills; Good interpersonal and negotiating skills.  
Takes ownership, appropriate action, initiative, to improve, bring about improvements, by linking ideas, advice and actions to operational and corporate requirements.  
Analytical and problem solving skills.  
Ability to manage competing priorities.  Effective planning and organisational skills.
Demonstrates enthusiasm, commitment and motivation.  
Enthuses and enable others to succeed.  Understands individual/organisational differences.  Empowers others.  
Promote effective employee relations with employees and recognised Trade Unions.
Works with honesty, integrity and professionalism.  
Operational planning and project management.  Builds up information with which results can be measured.  Agrees timescales, targets and priorities.  Monitors progress.  Allocates resources effectively.  Manages budgets effectively.  Delivers results.
Has a coaching style, ie, a fair and reasonable application of HR policies and protocols.  Shares and transfers own skills and knowledge to enhance learning or others.  Takes appropriate action if required.  
Flexible approach.  
Full Driving Licence and ability to travel both within and outside the East Riding.  
IT Skills, Excel, Word, Email etc.  
Desirable Criteria Assessment method
Application form Interview
CIPD qualified (level 7) either though study of a CIPD approved post graduate qualification or Professional Assessment of Compliance (PAC)  
Management training or qualifications, eg, MBA, DMS, degree or equivalent.  
Knowledge of relevant terms and conditions of service.  
Previous HR experience in Local Government or public sector.
Working within SLAs.  
Writing and presenting reports to Committee/Management.  
Knowledge and application of performance management systems.
Contacts at local and regional level within HR field.  
Ability to deliver HR modules/courses.  
Experience of supporting less experienced staff within the team.  
Managing and supporting change.  
Computerised HR systems.  
Experience of agile working practices.  
Embraces new technology to improve efficiencies.  

Job outline

Overall purpose

To support the delivery of a range of high quality efficient and effective Human Resources services to assist the Council in achieving its key objectives, empowering our people and furthering our commercial and digital strategies. To provide advice and support of both a general and specialist nature, i.e. disciplinary, grievance, capability, ill health, harassment, general reviews, ET’s and TUPE, while supporting the review and development of policies and procedures.

Principal accountabilities

  1. Provide and promote effective and proactive advice and guidance on all Human Resources matters by interpreting policies and procedures and employment law (ie, disciplinary, grievance, capability, ill health, harassment, general reviews, ET’s and TUPE).
  2. Provide a professional and proactive approach to ensure the council takes the necessary steps to meet current and future employment legislation requirements.
  3. Provide a professional and proactive approach to ensure that the Council takes the necessary steps in relation to transformational change, restructures and reviews, in keeping with current and future employment legislation requirements.
  4. Understand and apply local and national terms and conditions of service, policies and practice to ensure consistent implementation and management of HR issues across the Council.
  5. Implement relevant and appropriate practices on a range of Human Resources issues, ie, recruitment, retention, job evaluation, employment policies and disciplinary, grievance, capability, ill health, harassment, general reviews, ET’s and TUPE, etc
  6. Manage, lead, support and develop Human Resources Officers and less experienced HR staff to help meet section and team objectives and that performance measures are met.
  7. Set clear targets and standards of performance, monitor performance and ensure processes are in place to support or report on areas or individuals not performing to standard.
  8. Undertake appropriate training and deliver appropriate HR training courses as required. Provide feedback on training and/ or training courses as required.
  9. To represent the Service/Directorate as directed on committees, working groups at meetings etc
  10. Work at a high level of initiative with minimum supervision to support the Service/Directorate by undertaking complex high level HR Project work as directed.
  11. Undertake any other duties and responsibilities reasonably commensurate with the grade and requirements of the post.
  • These accountabilities are not exhaustive and demand led, hence the frequency and complexity of the work may vary without changing the character of the job or the level of responsibility.
  • In this role you are required to speak English with sufficient fluency to effectively perform your duties, as required by Section 42 of the Immigration Act 2016.
  • The above principal accountabilities are not exhaustive and may vary without changing the character of the job or level of responsibility.

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