Employee Specification

Please see below criteria which is used throughout the assessment process. This has been set out to explain what is measured at each stage of the application process. To progress to the interview stage, applications must clearly demonstrate how they meet all of the essential criteria.

Application form tip: Always ensure a clear example of how you meet each criteria is included and not assumed as part of your work experience. Desirable criteria will only be used to short-list in the event of a high volume of applications.


Criteria Assessment
Essential Desirable
Can undertake research and present findings. Use Excel for data analysis and data presentation.  
Understands the need to improve efficiency/effectiveness of processes.  
Delivers information clearly.  
Organised, thorough and accurate.  
Solves problems.  
Team Player.    
Understands the need for change.    
Has experience using MS office    
Can fulfil all spoken aspects of the role with confidence through the medium of English.    

Uses creative thinking techniques.


Can write reports.


Experience working in an office/business environment.


Experience working in local Government.


Experience working with a range of customers


Thinks ahead and takes responsibility for improvement


Job outline

Overall purpose

To support the team to undertake business change projects and service improvement reviews.

Principal accountabilities

  1. Assist with aspects of Directorate projects and undertake research projects designed to achieve savings and to improve the quality, efficiency and performance of Council services. The post will research and gather information, interpret information and contribute to suggestions and solutions relating to business transformation projects and process efficiencies.

  2. Assist with projects for service development and improvement reviews, value for money (VFM) efficiency reviews and business process re-engineering including close working with client senior officers in the directorates under review. Some project work will be undertaken from start to finish with draft output submitted to senior officers for approval.

  3. Help deliver business process reengineering to achieve efficiency savings challenging current practice, consider application of ICT, reduce duplications and streamline processes to improve methods of delivery.

  4. Contribute to the preparation of relatively complex projects, undertake projects and produce draft reports for approval by team management to agreed standards and timescales.

  5. Provide support to the senior officers and the wider team with complex projects.

  6. Help develop project and improvement plans and monitoring of quality of services in order to achieve savings, performance efficiencies and service improvements through the implementation of review outputs.

  7. Prepare, research, analyse and interpret management information in the pursuance of complex projects.

  8. Facilitate service and process improvement sessions, gathering and interpreting complex information and producing output to move projects towards completion.

  9. Assist with assessing performance failures and service problems, analyse trends and identify appropriate and innovative service developments.

  10. Assist in the production of complex reports explaining sensitive and complicated service issues.

  11. Perform similar duties as required commensurate with the nature of the role.


    In your role you are required to speak English with sufficient fluency to effectively perform your duties, as required by Section 77-84 of the Immigration Act 2016.


    The above principal accountabilities are not exhaustive and may vary without changing the character of the job or level of responsibility.