Job outline

Overall purpose

The role will develop and implement commercial approaches for the organisation to generate alternative sources of income to invest in Council priorities, in order to meet the demands of increasing service pressures and to offset the costs of public service delivery.

The role will support the Commercial Transformation Lead to develop and implement the Commercial Strategy, linked to the Council’s commercial ambitions and will facilitate and enact the delivery of the strategy, working with business change colleagues to act as a catalyst to support all Directorates in implementing aspects of commercialism across the organisation.

The role will act as a catalyst and support to act as a bridge between the Commercial Strategy and those responsible for implementing the delivery of the strategy in all Directorates. The role will undertake much of preparatory work developing commercial ideas, bringing innovative ideas to market and supporting the Council’s Commercialism Board.

Principal accountabilities

  1. Support and undertake work in support of the Council’s Commercial Strategy drawing on the Council’s ambition to deliver opportunities to support Council budgets and operate more commercially.
  2. Promote the Commercial Strategy and commercial opportunities in all Directorates.
  3. Support the Commercial Office, reporting to the Commercial Transformation Lead.
  4. Present to Cabinet and Committees as required. Draft complex reports and presentations as required.
  5. Undertake work programmes in support of the delivery of the Commercial Strategy and contribute to articulating the strategy to all sections of the Council.
  6. Contribute to the collaborative development of the Commercial Strategy working with consultants and businesses partners as appropriate. Under the supervision of the Commercial Transformation Lead review and modify the strategy to take account of new dynamics, emerging opportunities, changing demographics, environment and economy, the stage of journey on the roadmap and rapid changes to technology.
  7. Support culture change and the adoption of commercialism within the organisation to support the commercialism journey.
  8. Facilitate and enact the delivery of the strategy, working with Business Change colleagues to act as a catalyst to support them in implementing the Commercial Strategy in all services.
  9. Play a key support role within the Commercial Office in translating the aspirations of the organisation into developing commercial opportunities.
  10. Support the Commercial Transformation Lead in researching and responding to commercial opportunities and local delivery of the strategy.
  11. Support the Commercial Transformation Lead in the drive for innovation within the Council playing a role in supporting activities including commercial ideas generation, prioritisation, overseeing business cases and proofs of concept, and following up on findings.
  12. Support the Commercial Transformation Lead in undertaking project work to identify commercial opportunities for the Council and identify any gaps including cultural, cost, appetite, aspirations, probity and security.
  13. Foster good relations with commercial consultants and business partners to support the Council’s Commercial Strategy.
  14. Identify and draw on private sector knowledge and commercial best practice and shared learning e.g. APSE, LGA.
  15. Support the drive for commercialism.
  16. Identify how commercial opportunities can help achieve the organisation’s goals.
  17. Support the implementation of commercial skills within the organisation.

In your role you are required to speak English with sufficient fluency to effectively perform your duties, as required by Section 77-84 of the Immigration Act 2016.

The above principal accountabilities are not exhaustive and may vary without changing the character of the job or level of responsibility.

Employee specification

Essential criteria

  • Extensive commercial industry knowledge gained in a national, regional, public or private sector environment.
  • Extensive knowledge of developing and supporting colleagues to deliver commercial-related themes, implementation of Commercialism Strategy and supporting innovation.
  • Up to date knowledge of latest commercial and legal developments and application in business and organisational settings.
  • Knowledge of legislation applicable to commercial operations in the public sector, ethics and legal background including procurement essentials.
  • Essential knowledge of sources of trailblazing commercialism guidance and professional routes.
  • Good grounding in commercial issues affecting the public, businesses and governments.
  • Ability to understand and exploit changing commercial opportunities to deliver income value for the organisation.
  • Significant experience of commercial operations and development of income/profit in a major business environment, probably with experience of application in the public sector.

Desirable criteria

  • Experience of supporting and developing commercial strategy in other business settings.
  • Proven track record of advising business on investment, feasibility, options and business case development.
  • Proven influential and negotiation skills, dealing with extremely complex issues at Senior Officers and Members/Shareholders meetings level.

Additional details