Employee Specification 

  Application form tip: Always ensure a clear example of how you meet each criteria is included and not assumed as part of your work experience. Desirable criteria will only be used to short-list in the event of a high volume of applications.

Essential Criteria  Assessment Method
Application Form Interview
Graduate level academic, professional or vocational qualification or extensive specialist knowledge/experience in the relevant field.    
Robust Leadership Skills – ability to develop members of the team, deal with changing demands, creates culture of collaboration; ability to influence multi-functional teams in developing and delivering strategies and solutions.  
Project Management Skills – leading and completing complex projects within timescales, providing clear direction; ability to identify opportunities, identify and balance risks and benefits and take appropriate actions to deliver the most beneficial outcomes within projects.
Effective Communicator – delivery of information, analysis and presentation of complex data, develops relationships; explain complex problems and issues in a concise and understandable way to a wide range of stakeholders.
Embrace Innovation – solving problems, evaluation and management of risk.
Knowledge of the Social Care Market – legislation, commissioning experience.
Enthusiastic Approach to Challenges.
Customer/Stakeholder/Provider Relationship - ability to develop and maintain excellent working relationships with stakeholders within East Riding of Yorkshire Council, and other external customers/stakeholders/providers, including appropriate engagement, supplier development, drivers of costs in the supply chain, and an understanding supply relationship management.


Job outline

Overall purpose

Act as the lead for Adult Social Care Services, for supporting quality improvement across the care sector, and developing, maintaining and monitoring quality standards, ensuring providers comply with the requirement of contracts, service specification and current good practice guidance.

Principal accountabilities

  1. To take the lead as team manager, and be accountable for the delivery of a contract and quality assurance function and projects to develop and improve care services for adults and young people in transition, to ensure the highest standards of affordable care and support is available to the residents of East Riding to meet identified needs.
  2. To develop and implement quality and contract assurance processes and procedures as an integral part of the contract management system, that demonstrate compliance with the Council's Constitution, values and priorities, relevant legislation & regulations and value for money. Responsible for the provider risk management of commissioned adult social care services and the development of associated market intelligence systems.

  3. To lead, manage and support Contract and Quality Assurance staff and to promote the development of an adult social care market in accordance with the council's commissioning priorities, including developing and monitoring an annual audit plan.
  4. Undertake research and horizon scanning in the health and care sectors to identify and to keep up-to-date with changes in statutory and local requirements in relation to effective quality assurance and provider risk management systems.

  5. Co-ordinate the development, implementation and monitoring of the Directorate's strategic plans, policies, procedures and practices in relation to quality assurance, contract performance and risk management of commissioned care and support services, including the triangulation of evidence including quantitative and qualitative information.
  6. Provide strategic advice and support to the independent care sector, managers across adult social care, and other partners, to further embed quality and contract assurance systems.
  7. Networking and collaborative working with other Directorates and departments including Adult Services, care providers and with service users, carers, CQC, Health, and other key stakeholders and agencies to meet the needs of those who require support with social care services.
  8. Respond to urgent quality and contract assurance issues and market changes to ensure safety of service users, provider sustainability and adequate market supply.
  9. Work within the legal framework following legislative and good practice guidance whilst working within the relevant strategic guidance and work in-line with and influence relevant strategies.
  10. Write and present reports to Senior Management Team (SMT), Corporate Management Team (CMT) and The Cabinet to respond to key issues as directed.

  11. Manage projects using agreed Project Management methodology, produce project specific programmes of work; continually monitor and update for reporting purposes ensuring projects are delivered to timescales.
  12. Ensure work is focussed on co-production, utilizing intelligence and user views to achieve objectives which maximise and promote independence and self-sufficiency and reduce reliance on statutory support.
  13. Allocate work to the team based on agreed priorities and monitor progress to ensure the delivery of objectives and activities to meet deadlines.
  14. Ensure the aims, objectives and priorities of the Service Areas are met and communicated through the Adult Services and Business Management and Commissioning Business Plans.
  15. Support the professional development of staff, including undertaking staff supervision and Employee Development Reviews to required timescales.#
  16. In this role you are required to speak English with sufficient fluency to effectively perform your duties, as required by Section 42 of the Immigration Act 2016.