Employee Specification



Skills Required Criteria
Essential Desirable

Experience of forming sound, evidence-based judgements, finding solutions to complex issues and problems, assessing risks and taking responsibility.


Sensitivity for managing customer facing services


Broad technical expertise in subject matter to enable justification of decisions to councillors, staff, clients, partners and contractors


Extensive knowledge of housing and environment health functions.


Analytical and problem solving skills on a strategic level


Leadership skills with the ability to motivate staff


Excellent organisational and management skills


Good written and oral communications


Prepare and present committee reports on complex matters


Communications, negotiation and mediation skills at a high and sensitive level within the council, with leading councillors, trade unions and external providers, partners and communities


Extensive knowledge of all trading standards, local authority licensing, transportation, road safety, passenger services and community safety functions.


Financial and budgetary skills


Innovation and vision.


Tact and diplomacy


Breadth of vision, be able to grasp critical issues quickly and rise above the detail to see the problem from a wider perspective


Use analytical and logical approaches to understand events in order to establish priorities and connections


Staff and resource management and leadership


Project management

IT literacy    

Overall Purpose:

Lead professional officer and principal advisor to the Council on operational housing matters including the management and maintenance of all council housing properties, community safety issues, public protection and transportation matters.

Principal accountabilities

  1. To manage operational housing matters including the management and maintenance of all council housing properties, community safety issues.
  2. To manage transportation services, including passenger transport and sustainable transport including arranging delivery of school transport and grants to subsidise uneconomic commercial routes, delivery of SEN transport, passenger assistants and taxis, transport commissioning, road safety and school crossing patrols.
  3. To manage public protection services including environmental control, food safety, trading standards, licensing, private sector housing and health and safety.
  4. Develop and implement divisional, cross directorate and multi-agency projects, e.g. gypsy encampments, community safety and anti-social behaviour.
  5. Develop and maintain interdepartmental and multi-agency partnerships including involvement of the public to ensure delivery of government policy in accordance with the council’s priorities for the people of the East Riding
  6. Advises Elected Members on the above issues.
  7. Represents the Council on multi agency partnerships such as Safe Communities, Safeguarding and Improved Health related groupsAct as the ‘Nominated Individual’ to supervise and manage the in-house regulated activity:
  8. Responsible for setting, monitoring and authorisations of expenditure against defined budgets.
  9. Contributes to the management of the Authority by membership of the Council’s senior management team.
  10. Accountable for achieving service objectives, standards, performance measures and targets set out in service and performance improvement plans together with council objectives and targets allocated.
  11. Named as responsible officer for Health and Safety related issues such as asbestos, legionella and fire safety.
  12. Responsible officer for implementation of HR polices up to and including dismissal.
  13. To lead and coordinate the Council and partners’ responses on Domestic Abuse and Prevent.
  14. To participate in and lead in the council’s response to emergency response and recovery.
  15. Deputise for the Executive Director and represent the Executive Director at meetings as required.

In this role you are required to speak English with sufficient fluency to effectively perform your duties, as required by Section 42 of the Immigration Act 2016.

These accountabilities are not exhaustive and demand led, hence the frequency and complexity of the work may vary without changing the character of the job or the level of responsibility.