Employee Specification

The criteria listed below explains what is measured throughout this recruitment process, including what you need to disclose in your application form and what we will ask/assess at interview. Applications must clearly demonstrate all essential criteria listed in the application form section to progress to interview. 

  Application form tip: Use examples of your experiences to demonstrate how you meet a criteria. Your experiences may be from a non work related setting, such as caring for a child, adult or family member. Always provide a clear example of how you meet each criteria.

What's assessed from your Application form

Criteria Essential Desirable 
Needs to be able to work closely and flexibly as part of a small kitchen team    
Experience working in catering  
An ability to fulfil all spoken aspects of the role with confidence through the medium of English  
Is a team player  
Uses technology effectively (be able to access online training via laptop/ smart phone)  

  Application form tip  You may have transferable skills examples from non care related roles such as customer service roles or jobs that require engagement with another person. Although these may not be from a care setting, the transferable skills may be relevant. An example may be how you have helped someone.

What's assessed at your interview

Criteria Essential Desirable
Experience supporting vulnerable adults  

Treats customers with respect and dignity

To demonstrate to the people you are supporting that they are valued by the way in which you behave towards them. To treat people with dignity.  
An ability to fulfil all spoken aspects of the role with confidence through the medium of English  
Builds rapport  
Works on own initiative  
Is a team player  
Embraces change and adopts a can do attitude     
Uses technology effectively     
Food Safety qualification    
To be interested in others and want to get to know their preferences.    
To put others at ease and make them feel at home    
To support people with memory/communication impairment to make meaningful choices    
Is resilient    
Is organised    

Job outline

Overall purpose

Working as part of a team to Assist in the preparation and serving of meals and beverages to vulnerable adults within a specialist residential home for older adults experiencing a range of complex symptoms of dementia. Working within an agreed shift pattern including weekends, bank holidays and unsociable hours.

Principal accountabilities

  1. Assisting the Cook in the preparation and serving of meals, snacks and beverages.
  2. Washing, peeling, chopping, cutting and cooking foodstuffs.
  3. Washing utensils and dishes.
  4. Sorting, storing and distributing ingredients.
  5. To ensure the food preparation areas, work surfaces, kitchen floors and kitchen equipment are clean and hygienic.
  6. General kitchen duties as requested by the Cook / Duty Senior team.
  7. To work as part of a team to provide a positive approach to dementia care within a specialist setting.
  8. Preparing and serving light meals, snacks, beverages and assisting clients with feeding if required, the laying of breakfast tables and switching on of kitchen equipment in readiness for use.
  9. Any duties and responsibilities appropriate to the grade and level of responsibility of the post.
  10. There are defined departmental procedures to work to with all clients and the post holder will work within this framework.
  11. Be thoroughly acquainted with the position of fire extinguishers, escape routes and the action to be taken in case of fire.
  12. Participate in appropriate training, staff development and quality assurance.
  13. Performance of other duties which reasonably correspond to the general character of the post and are commensurate with its level of responsibility.
  • In your role you are required to speak English with sufficient fluency to effectively perform your duties, as required by Section 77-84 of the Immigration Act 2016.
  • The above principal accountabilities are not exhaustive and may vary without changing the character of the job or level of responsibility.