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I feel in some small way I get to make a positive difference to the lives of children across the East Riding.
Emma G
Senior commissioning and quality monitoring officer, children and families

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It’s exciting, it’s an innovative place to work and we are on a great journey.
Youth justice manager, children and families

A day in the life

The IT Service Desk has been helping staff throughout the council for nearly 25 years. With over 5,400 devices used by staff across the council, the service desk is understandably busy, with an average intake of 114 calls per day.

Featured here is a typical day in the life of the team, with ICT officers demonstrating some of the variety of responsibilities they have as part of their day-today work.

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Customers can log faults and requests via the online ICT Service Desk. When staff log these online, they can narrow down the fault with a list of prompts which populate in the category fields, once selected. This also helps direct the call to the appropriate ICT team to allow for a more prompt response.


Damion checks the call list of incoming faults logged by council staff. These calls can range from a faulty piece of hardware through to an application installation or a major system failure. Calls are proactively managed and assigned to ICT officers to complete within the appropriate timescales.


Matthew is pictured here patching network sockets. Patching allows for the wall socket in the office to be connected to the network equipment, giving access to applications and network drives. The patching takes place in instances of resolving a network fault or to accommodate office moves.


Stephen is configuring a set of new iPhones. There are over 1,600 iPhones issued out to council staff. Configuring the iPhones allows connection to council systems, such as email, and ensures the device meets security compliance.


Mark (right) sits with a customer to find out what the issue is with the device brought into the service desk. Where possible, issues are resolved remotely but for more complex issues a customer may be asked to bring their device to the ICT office.


Rob gets down to basics, fixing a hardware fault on a device sent into the service. The council’s desktop refresh programme means that most devices remain in warranty during their lifecycle and most hardware repairs are now undertaken onsite by the ICT service or the hardware supplier.


It’s not only the phones which need configuring. Here, Matthew is configuring new laptops which are ordered for staff.


Here, Paul is working in the data centre in C block, which holds 50 physical servers operating 590 virtual servers. These 50 physical servers have the equivalent processing and memory capacity as over 4,000 standard home PCs. There is also a total of 550tb in storage capacity and this is enough to store 47.3 billion document pages.

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